2016-04-10 23:27:39 by velex

I'm writing music these days. I'm trying to do a live act / recording / producing my own record. Should be... stimulating?


2014-08-02 14:41:44 by velex

I've been working on a game using Unity, and though it's not that far in, I want to show off. What do you think?

Raw Latex 2

2014-01-21 12:15:38 by velex

I don't know who's following me and not Sexuallobster...

Here's Raw Latex 2, out on the Happy Hour Channel.

New Chapter to the Raw Latex Comic

2013-12-08 15:09:06 by velex

Obviously, also rewatch the Anime, 'cause it's awesome.

Eating and Laughter

2013-09-25 20:44:53 by velex

So I've been making a 3-panel comic strip for my Verbal/Visual Storytelling class. It's about a boy and his cat making a devilish deal with wish lizards. It updates every weekday, for at least the next couple weeks. I've linked it below.

Also, there's a new animation here on newgrounds called "One Way Love Genie". It's sort of silly and musical. Or at least has music. You can check that out too, if you'd like.