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Ha, I love your stuff. I can't believe he went back for more cereal! Brave little bird.

Great choice in music, too.

Butzbo responds:

Thanks velex, that was a pretty absurd ending after all, heheh!

Let's get down to business. How much for the poster of Fernando's nose?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

if it existed they'd ask slightly too much for it on a site that charged too much for shipping.

OoooOOOoooh! That climax! When the bass starts up in Gooseman's theme, a smile curls onto my face, and I can't help but laugh along with Gooseman at the insanity of it all.

Did you record the guitar line-input, or with a mic + amp?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

line input, i cranked up my old pod xt live, which must be said has seen better days.

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Pretty addictive. Played twice. Nearly won (maybe) second time. At least, I was doing pretty well, but I didn't quite win before the time ran out. Amused me for some time. What else can one ask from a flash game?

How far did everyone get?

I got stuck on level 1. :)


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haha greatly enjoyable. this is lennon's vocals, right? you're not like a master imitator?

SymbolCymbal responds:

its john lennons vocals. it was actually a pain to put his vocals in there.. first i had to isolate the vocals from the original track which was almost impossible since the vocals and some rhythm were recorded on the same track. then when i chopped up the vocals to put them in i realized that the song actually speeds up by 4 bpm in the original so i had to make due. glad you liked it.

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It had what looked like a dick going into it!

Anyway, some thoughts; the man's crotch and chest are pointing in almost opposite directions. I think it's not quite clear whether he's summersaulting around her leg or flying past and behind her. Her dynamics seem clear, though; she's leaping in one direction and indicating in another.

I enjoy that they're channeling some sort of moose.

BazookaBonsai responds:

Now where you say it, I see this chest problem, too. Makes him look kinda warped.
Thanks for pointing that out : )

Wow, fan art! I feel so loved.

ShaiannSantos responds:

Your welcome and thankies! I had a hard time getting what they were saying, mostly the Dad... Watched it like 16 times. I'm not sure what exactly he said at the end in panel 2?? Can you PM me on that, please? Also friendly love ya and bro-hugs to you and Sexual-Lobster! <3 ;D haha

toons and tunes.

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